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I first had the pleasure of working with and meeting Brandon + Katrina during a Beverly Wilshire wedding that I was the Catering Manager on. I was so impressed by their personalities, how they worked with the couple and not to mention their amazing photography that I knew I'd have to work with these superstars again. Today I'm happy to share with you their story, images and tips when it comes to wedding photography. Enjoy!

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Why did each you first pick-up a camera?

Brandon first picked up a camera his first year of college. He was determined to shoot weddings since he was 18, and shot everything and anything he could from then on. In time, he became the photography editor for the school newspaper, which fueled his passion for photojournalism.

Katrina first picked up the camera during her first year in college, alongside Brandon. I was currently going to school full time and held a full time job at the local Elementary School, yet I was always taking time off to shoot weddings.

We both missed multiple finals in college, and even missed our own graduations to shoot weddings because we loved them so much. Shortly after college, Brandon and I went in with both of our feet in and became full time wedding photographers.

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How did you find your start shooting weddings?

We started shooting weddings in college, and our very first year of business took us across the world to shoot weddings in different countries such as Australia, Singapore, and Mexico. We were completely in love with the fact that we could travel and shoot weddings all over the world, and were inspired by so many of the different cultures we were exposed to while doing so.

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How has your style evolved over your years in business?

Our style has always been a large mixture of photojournalism, and beautiful portraiture. It’s one thing to capture a beautiful photo, but even more challenging to capture a meaningful photo.

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What is it like working as a husband and wife team?

The absolute best! Working together is one of the main reasons we love photographing weddings. Brandon and I have been working together since the very beginning of our business, and can practically read each other’s minds while shooting. We know exactly how it feels to be a bride and groom, and what photos were important to us on the wedding day. We feel like we can connect with our couples’ very easily working as a couple.

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What are your thoughts on engagement photos? Should couples definitely do them?

We love engagement photos! We think they are the best way to capture that small chapter of your lives together, before you are married and start a family. Engagement photos are also a great way to get comfortable around the camera and with your photographer.

EngagementHigh061A copy wedding photography Do you think there is a benefit to using the same photographer for your engagement photos and wedding photos?

Absolutely. We think its great to have the same photographer so you can get to know each other better and feel extremely comfortable on the wedding day.

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What do you think couples should look for when hiring a wedding photographer? What questions should they ask?

When hiring a wedding photographer, you should be able to look at their photos and FEEL something. You and your spouse should be in line with their wedding philosophy, and get along with whomever is photographing your wedding. Out of all the vendors on the wedding day, your photographer will be around you the most often. It’s important to feel extremely comfortable with them and to have complete trust to get all the shots you’re looking for and more.

EdKaren067 copy How much time should couples dedicate in their timeline for their reveal and family photos?

I’d recommend anywhere from 1.5-2 hours for photos of the bridal party, family, and portraits of the bride and groom.

ADGettingReady055 copy What are the most key wedding day photos in your opinion?

I think the best photos that happen on a wedding day are the moments when your family see you as the bride or groom for the first time, the first time you see each other, and all the fun, laughter, and tears that happen in between.

ass265 copy Any general wedding or photography advice you’d like to share with our readers?

As newlyweds ourselves, our small piece of advice to couples is to plan your wedding YOUR way. Throw away all the conceived lists of “must do’s” on a wedding day, and plan it according to what you want to do. For example, Brandon and I did not have a sit down dinner, hosted a surprised reception, and planned the day according to the light. We wanted our first dance to occur at twilight, so we made it happen by having a “cocktail” style dinner vs. a formal sit down dinner. Don’t be afraid to do things the way you want!

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